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Jeff Reviews Stuff Collaboration: #BreakfastClub

Thanks for joining me and Jeff Reviews Stuff for our #BreakfastClub collaboration with Cap’n Crunch Pancakes!

Breakfast Club (1985)

Laura’s Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Pancakes: 6/10

This 1985 John Hughes film features five teenagers from different social groups that are forced to serve detention together on a Saturday. As the day goes on, they start to look past the stereotypical ideas they have about each other to realize that they are not so different after all. An epic soundtrack enhances the classic coming of age story. I think that the film slightly loses its luster with age but some of the themes still hold up, cementing it as a classic.

Jeff from Jeff Reviews Stuff says: “The theme is connecting with people outside your normal social group. Get out of your comfort zone and connect with new people!” JRS Rating: 4/5 Stars

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