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My Year in Movies 2023

Updated: Jan 1

My Year in Movies 2023

I watched 47 movies this year, 40 of them for the first time. This number is down a bit from last year and I’m hoping to get my numbers up in 2024. 

Of the movies I had never seen before, here are the best and worst films I watched in 2023:

Best Movies

1. Moulin Rouge! (4.5/5 Stars)

2. Memento (4.5/5 Stars)

3. The Menu (4/5 Stars)

4. Oppenheimer (4/5 Stars)

5. Bullet Train (4/5 Stars)

I should have seen Moulin Rouge! before this year but I’m glad I finally watched it. In fact, I have tickets to see the musical in a few weeks. Memento blew my mind and it’s worth mentioning that two Christopher Nolan movies made this list with Oppenheimer on here as well.

Worst Movies

1. Mission: Impossible II (1/5 Stars)

2. Ghoulies (1.5/5 Stars)

4. The Killer (2/5 Stars)

5. This Means War (2.5/5 Stars)

The Mission: Impossible franchise is fun and the latest installment nearly made my best movies of the year list, but the second film is absolutely terrible. Ghoulies is a low budget horror that is so bad that it was almost enjoyable. The Killer was probably the biggest disappointment for me this year. 

I’m planning to ramp up my movie screenings in 2024! Thank you as always for recommendations, please keep them coming.

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