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My Year in Books 2022- Best and Worst

My Year in Books 2022- Best and Worst

This year my goal was to read 45 books and I passed it pretty easily! With 55 total books, here is my list of the best and worst books I read in 2022:

Best Books of 2022:

  1. Anxious People (5/5 Stars)

  2. Project Hail Mary (5/5 Stars)

  3. Beach Read (5/5 Stars)

  4. A Man Called Ove (4.5/5 Stars)

  5. Survive the Night (4.5/5 Star)

Shoutout to Fredrik Backman for making my list twice! I plan to keep reading more of his work in the new year. I love the way he blends humor with heartbreak, resulting in profound and relatable reads.

Project Hail Mary and Beach Read both pleasantly surprised me, being from genres outside my usual favorites (although my appreciation for a quality romance has grown this year and I enjoyed Emily Henry’s other book I read as well.) Survive the Night is more in my comfort zone of thrillers, but it’s one of the best I’ve read in a while and I’ve recommended it to several people.

Worst Books of 2022:

  1. Hour of the Witch (2/5 Stars)

  2. The Perfect Nanny (2/5 Stars)

  3. Autonomous (2/5 Stars)

  4. His & Hers (2/5 Stars)

  5. The Christmas Murder Game (2/5 Stars)

I rated all of these books a 2, so maybe I should be harsher in my book reviews, but they did all have some redeeming qualities. These books either were not the genre/subject for me or simply failed to meet my expectations.

Find the full list of the books I read this year here.

Thanks to Goodreads for helping me keep track of all my books!

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